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Eternal Otaku's Blog
1-28-05 Kate
I made a Gundam Seed Destiny Wallpaper! I told you i wouldn't update often......
11-5-04 Kate
OMG! I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher...I hate my teacher... WOW! now that i've got that off my chest we got an entry in the Wallpaper Contest and we only need one more to start and you even get a ( or more than one) prize for entering ( a relatively good one too...). New Avatar... Like it???
11-5-04 Kate
Ugggggggg! Finnally i have some free time... only not enough to really do that much... I added 5 (I think...) Avatars and thats all. They are all Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed. My New faverite anime and my new favortie anime person! I'm hoping soon i can get my new layout up, but because its a different style layout it will robably need a days worth of work....
9-16-04 Kate
Well I added some STUFF. A blank button section (sorry there is only one button!). A button wall (anyone can put there button here no matter how many hits a day you get or aything like that!). Also I added a new Wallpaper! Finnally i added a button to our Link To Us Page!
9-11-04 Kate
I added two 100x100Avatars two 50x50 ones and one 80x80 avatar and a whole bunch more that i don't feel like naming! Monday is my B-day so here are anime ppl who have my B-day
September 13, Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
September 13, Argo Gulskii (G Gundam)
September 13, Harue Yamana (Pia Carrot 2)
9-7-04 Kate
I know i said i wouldn't update but I did and i added an Avatar section! Thats all...
No Updates
9-5-04 Kate
Just in Case you didn't get the memo I won't be updating verry often because of school and Serena quit because of school. I tried to tell her she could just not update but she said she would always be on the computer instead of doing school work. I also I didn't think it was fair to keep her work on the site so get her Wallpapers While you still can!
9-2-04 Kate
Hi I added aWallpaper The charachter on it is Sora from Kaleido Star.
9-1-04 Kate
Okay the reason i haven't updated for real is because I have been working on a Fanlisting for The Fool a charachter on Kaleido Star!
8-31-04 Kate
I just finished uploading a Wallpaper! The wallpaper is from a show called Kaleido Star :D It features the main charcher Sora. So Not much else happeninng except i updated the Marquee Section but not very much has change on that page :( So um... Bi
Coming Soon
8-30-04 Kate
Okay just so you don't think that im just going to update the sections that I already have (not that i won't update them) I've added a Coming Soon Section! I hope it will be of use to you guys. Bi!
More Staff
8-30-04 Kate
Okay People I added two other staff placements Image Finder and Mp3 Collector they don't require any HTML knowledge and you can apply HERE! Also for my jobs if you would like something in return for your working for me we can negtiate upon what you would like. Well thats all for this UPDATE!
8-28-04 Kate
Just as the title says I added an MP3 on the Home Page. I hope that I will soon make an Mp3 Section or an Mp3 of the Month section for now its just on the home page.
8-26-04 Kate
Hiya People do you remeber me telling you about a possible staff program well I have added it! So you can SIGN UP HERE or look at our STAFF HERE
Look Alikes
8-25-04 Kate
Hi, Today i added a Look Alike section i promise more will be added very soon *_* (more sections and more added to the sections)
Award :)
8-23-04 Kate
Eternal Otakus got another award! Come see it at
8-23-04 Kate
Sorry, that I haven't updated in three days I went on vacation. So to fogive it I added two  Wallpapers  and two  Bookmarks  :D
8-19-04 Kate
As part of our remodeling process we have added a blog section what it will lead to i don't know (maybe a staff program or a section of graphics)
New Sections
8-19-04 Kate
I've added a whole bunch of new sections (including this one) I have added three things to the
Tutorial Section
Poetry Section
Vote for Us Section
8-19-04 Kate
Well we finnally have a new layout, (thank goodness to, becase black gray and white were starting to hurt my eyes) it is dedicated to all the people in anime with pink hair! Credits - Anime Wallpapers andGundam S (there is one more but i can think of it so if thats you than let me know)
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